Denta White..DON'T

Saginaw, Michigan 0 comments

If it's too good to be true, it probably is.Dad always said so and *** if he wasn't right this time.

Denta White promises a "free" 14 day sample READ the terms and conditions..and do so frequently! They change a lot! Before you know it you're signed up for a monthly re-order at an outrageous cost. Cancel the subscription, return the product and GOOD LUCK getting your money back!

I've been in a 4 month long dispute with my credit card company, who has been very helpful, but Denta White is tough and requires you to produce a boatload of paperwork. Just don't do it. In the end it'd be cheaper and likely with better results to just go to a dentist.

Not to mention the product is a nasty tasting gel in a form it yourself, uncomfortable rubbery set of trays that you wear for 30 minutes a day.No thanks!

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